Things of That Nature - Wisconsin

WVU head football coach Rich Rodriguez provides a wrapup of the Mountaineers' 34-17 loss to Wisconsin on September 7.

"I was disappointed in how we played," Rodriguez said on Sunday after reviewing game films. "We had a couple of veterans that, for whatever reason, blew a gasket there in the second quarter. We blew assignments, we were going the wrong way, and we committed what we call critical errors.

"I don't think kids laid down at any time. We have a lot of work to do, but most of the things that happened should be correctable.

"I have a hard time finding good points in losses, but in the second half we put a couple of drives together and did a better job of stopping them."


The team, due to a mechanical problem with their charter plane that required another plane to be flown in from Florida, didn't arrive back at the Puskar Center until 1:30 a.m. Sunday monring. "It was a long day," Rodriguez said with obvious weariness.

* * *

The coaching staff considered going for two points and onside kicking after scoring what turned out to be their last touchdown of the game with 9:48 to go.

"We considered going for two, but we thought nine minutes was enough time for three posessions," Rodriguez said. "We also considered an onside kick, but we thought our defense was playing well and had a chance to stop them. We thought if they had their hands team on the field, we could kick the ball high and a litte short and pin them back, but we ended up kicking the ball into the end zone."

* * *

One bright spot was that the injury situation did not worsen. There were "a few nicks and bruises," accoring to Rodriguez, but nothing that should cause missed practice time.

* * *

In taking the last punt from his own three yard line, Todd James might have reopened the punting competition.

"It will be a game time decision as to who punts," said Rodriguez. "Todd is our best guy for taking one step and booming it out of there on our tight punt. Fazz was a little slow on a couple of his kicks, so we'll see what we can do in getting him a little quicker this week. Fazz had some good kicks too, but we'll see how they compete this week in practice."

* * *

Like many observers, Rodriguez believed that Wisconsin wide receiver Jonathan Orr was not in bounds on the Badgers' first touchdown. However, Rodriguez did not make a big issue of the call.

"We thought he was out of bounds. It's one call that didn't go our way, but you have to forget about it and go on. Usually those things balance out."

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