Change of Direction

LaSalle defender Vince Harris has had a change of plans in regards to his path to West Virginia.

The outstanding defender, who was slated to be a spur or bandit in West Virginia's defense, has enrolled at Harmony Community School in Cincinnati in an effort to raise his grades to qualifying levels.

"I was pretty close to qualifying, but I needed to get my grades up, so I decided to transfer to Harmony Prep after basketball season," said Harris. "It's actually closer to my house than my high school. It's only about five minutes away."

Harris believes he will be able to improve on his core class GPA and also raise his test scores in order to qualify. He is already taking classes at Harmony.

"I am taking an ACT prep class and some other classes there, and I think I can improve my grades. I will be taking the ACT again in June."

Harris will also be playing football for Harmony this fall, so he will avoid the problems that can come with sitting out a year. Harmony typically plays a very competitive schedule.

"Harmony beat Hargrave last year, and finished undefeated," Harris said. "They don't play high school teams. It's mostly Division 1 j.v. teams and Division III schools. There is a lot of talent there, a lot of good players."

Harmony plays a similar defense to West Virginia's 3-3 stack, and Harris is slated to play a "monster" position in the scheme, which equates to the spur and bandit positions at WVU.

"I get to roam all over the field and make plays," said Harris, who relishes the thought of being unleashed on opposing offenses.

Harris, who said he is still committed to West Virginia, has crossed paths with several West Virginia commitments, including Noel Devine, who he talked with at all-star events earlier this year.

"I'm cool with him," Harris said. "We were on our visit [to West Virginia] at the same time, and we talked. I have seen several people and know who they are and where they are from."

If everything goes according to plan, Harris will earn his eligibility at Harmony this fall and enroll at West Virginia in January, 2008, which would make him available for spring practice.


Dewey Elliott, another West Virginia recruiting target, has also enrolled at Harmony.

Harmony fielded its first team last year, and quickly made a name for itself by going 8-0. Harmony was led by Josh Chichester, another WVU target that ended up signing with Louisville. Chichester followed the path that Harris hopes to take, as he played for Harmony in the fall of 2006, then enrolled in college for the spring 2007 semester.

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