Parental Influence

West Virginia's latest football commitment had a long talk with his father before making the Mountaineers his choice.

"My dad actually wanted me to commit last year," Handley High School's J.J. Dorsey told "We have been talking about it some more, and when we were talking about it a couple of weeks ago, he said he really liked West Virginia and hoped I would go there. And for West Virginia to make an early offer, that showed me that they really wanted me."

J.J. (short for James Junior) and his father (James Sr.) discussed many aspects of the offer, and of committing early. In then end, West Virginia's spot as a top ten football program and the interest the Mountaineer coaching staff and recruiting coach Bill Stewart showed sealed the deal.

"In the end, that's where I wanted to go," J.J. said. "I don't think I'll be taking any other visits or going to any other camps other than West Virginia's. It is a weight off my shoulders to get this over with now. I had some interest from Penn State and Virginia, but didn't have any offers yet, so it was important to me that West Virginia was the first."

Although neither father nor son has toured WVU's campus yet, that didn't play a big factor in his decision.

"My dad has driven by there and really likes the area, and I will be going up for the rising senior camp on June 10," Dorsey said.

While his visit to the innards of the WVU football complex will be a new experience, the younger Dorsey is no stranger to West Virginia's play on the field. He has eyed the player who holds the position he will be angling for on more than one occasion.

"I have watched Pat White several times," he said with obvious relish. "I really like the spread offense. I think I would fit in it very well. We run out of the spread offense at my high school, and most of the things West Virginia does, we do. There are many things that are similar. I will watch a play of theirs, and it will looks just like something we do."

Although there are some reports that Dorsey might have problems qualifying, he is confident that he can do what it takes to be eligible when he graduates next spring.

"I took the SAT this month, and if I got a high score there I think I will be o.k.," he said. I still have a year to work on my grades and take the tests again. I plan on staying with West Virginia, and doing what they tell me to do."


Although Dorsey has his eyes set on competing at quarterback, he's also the type of multi-position athlete the West Virginia loves to recruit. He played cornerback and safety a year ago, although his playing time was limited due to a surplus of defensive backs on the roster.

"We had some good people back there last year, so I didn't play on defense a whole lot," he said. " I had one interception and a few tackles. This year, we don't have as many players there, so I might be playing on defense some more."

* * *

Dorsey was recruited by assistant coach Bill Stewart, who continues to snare high quality athletes from the state of Virginia.

"Coach Stew is a very nice guy," Dorsey said, echoing the vast majority of opinions held of the Mountaineer assistant. "He told me the way it was and what I needed to do, and that I could compete at the positions I wanted."

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