Hot Ticket

As expected, season ticket sales for West Virginia's 2007 home football schedule are moving at record paces. Here's the latest on sales and what to expect in the way of availability.

With the deadline for renewals of previous season ticket holders just past, West Virginia is still processing orders to come up with a final total.

"We have sold over 30,000 season tickets so far, but we still have a number of orders left to process," Deputy Athletic Director Mike Parsons said on Wednesday. "We have to finish those to find out where we will stand on new and individual orders."

Parsons wisely would not speculate on how many, if any season tickets would be available for those ordering for the first time, or for those looking to increase the nuimber of tickets they ordered from a year ago.

"I don't want to say there will be tickets available and then have that not be the case," Parsons said. "I just can't speculate on that right now."

Sales are high enough, however, that it is safe to assume that single game tickets for several home games will not be available. Those include the marquee games with Louisville and Pitt, as well as the opener with Western Michigan. The game against the Broncos is Parents Day, which typically sees several thousand parents of West Virginia students make their way to the stadium.

Single game and other new orders, if available to be filled, will begin being processed in July.

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