Commitment Status

After committing to West Virginia, Maryland lineman Jeff Braun made a visit to and entertained offers from other schools. Did any of those entreaties sway the Maryland standout from the Mountaineers?

"Right now I am fully committed to West Virginia," Braun told "Maryland offered me a scholarship in February, and I visited them on their junior day. I listened to them, but in the end I felt that West Virginia is the best place for me."

The two-way lineman admitted that he did reconsider his decision earlier this year.

"I thought about it for a few weeks, but West Virginia is where I am the most comfortable," he said. "I was supposed to go to the Nike camp at Penn State, but I decided not to go. It would just be a waste of time with me being committed to WVU."

Braun was scheduled to attend a camp at West Virginia on June 10, but his summer job has intervened.

"I have a job washing dishes in a home for the elderly, and it's a good job because it fits in with my schedules for all my workouts," said Braun, who is preparing to lead his team in his upcoming senior season. "I have to work on the tenth, but I will go down to one of the other days of their camps to check in and see how everything is going."

Since reconfirming his commitment, Braun has been focused on working out and cheering for his school's undefeated lacrosse team.

"One of my friends, John Hopkins, played lacrosse and graduates this year. He is going to walk on at Maryland," he said. "I don't run track or anything during the spring – I just wanted to be a fan of our other teams and work out.

"We are training together," he said of himself and Hopkins, who is also a lineman. "We do one on ones and try to push each other to get ready for next year."

With his college decision made and his future planned, Braun is now trying to accelerate the process.

"I am getting all my paper work together and applying for early graduation," said Braun, who needs just a final English course to meet graduation levels. "I have all the other classes I need, so I am going to try to graduate in December so I can enroll at West Virginia in January. I hope they clear it, because I feel like it is the best thing for me right now. There's no reason for me to be in high school [in the second semester], other than the social activities like the prom or graduation day, and I can always come back for those."

Braun will be the leader for a rebuilding Winter Mills team, and will also be spearheading a new offense.

"It's a rebuilding year for us, because half of the team is gone due to graduation. I am the leader, so it's time for me to step up. I am moving from tackle to center on offense, and I have been working on that. I feel like I am getting better. I know the offense, so making the blocking calls isn't a problem. We were an I-formation offense last year, but ironically we are moving to the West Virginia offense this year. We will be running a lot of zone plays. We have run zone blocking schemes in the past, so I don't have to relearn any of that, but I do have to learn to snap in the shotgun."

On the defensive slide, where Braun is ticketed to begin his WVU career, things are a bit simpler.

"Defensively, I just try to hit people. Last year I played at defensive end and outside more, but this year they moving me inside to the nose. That way, I can be in where the ball is. Last year I found other teams running away from me a lot, because they knew what kind of player I am. This year, I will be inside close to the ball."

Braun is expected to begin his Mountaineer career as a nose tackle on defense.

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