Man of All Seasons

While watching two-sport phenom Terrelle Pryor in action, two things stand out above all else: he's the best player on the court, and everyone in the building knows it.

Pryor spent the weekend in Morgantown playing in the Triple "S" Harley Davidson JamFest AAU Tournament. Last summer, Pryor attended the event with the Pittsburgh Jots. This year, the Jeanette Jayhawk star took the court with Team Adidas, a team made up predominately of players from the Pittsburgh area.

"The Jots was last year, with Herb Pope and those guys," Pryor noted after Team Adidas was elminated from the tournament on Sunday afternoon.

Pryor scored 26 points, grabbed seven rebounds and blocked three shots to lead his team in the loss. Though he was the tallest player on his team, he was also the best ball handler. Thus he was thrust into the point forward role -- a la Scottie Pippen.

If you had to pick one word to describe Pryor's skill set, it would have to be "versatile". That should come as no surprise, given his potential to be a two-sport All-American in his senior season at Jeanette. From the outset of Sunday's game, Pryor looked to take control. First it was a smooth mid-range jump shot in the lane. On the other end of the court, he baited the opposition into challenging him one-on-one, and wound up with a blocked shot to start the fast break.

He then went to work from the perimeter, draining a jumper from 22 feet with silky-smooth form. On the next possession, he snared an offensive rebound for an easy putback.

In fact, Pryor's talent was on display before the ball was even tipped. Near the end of warm-ups, he jumped up and performed a somewhat effortless 360 spin capped off by a two-handed slam.

At times on the court, he even looked to be a bit bored with the proceedings, which resulted in the occasional cherry pick or cheap foul from being caught out of position on defense. At the end of the day, though, Pryor's talent and raw athletic ability left an impression bigger than anything else.

West Virginia is one of several schools still in the hunt for Pryor's services. Though he declined to discuss any schools whatsoever on Sunday afternoon, Terrelle did reiterate his desire to play both football and basketball in college.

"I'd like to try, definitely," he said. "All the success that I've had in both, and as hard as I work, it would be a real challenge to play both sports in college.

"I don't really have a favorite (sport), it just depends on what's in season," he said. "Whatever season it is, that's what I like. If it's football season, then football is my favorite. If it's basketball season, then basketball is my favorite." ranks Pryor as the No. 1 quarterback in the country, and the No. 8 small forward.

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