The View From 217 - East Carolina Edition

Evidently, the Mountaineer football team took exception with some remarks coming out of East Carolina this week, calling the WVU team soft.

Based upon some comments made by the players in post-game interviews, it seems that the Mountaineers took the field with a point to prove on Saturday.

All of this does nothing but make me think of all the WVU fans that have been critical of Coach Rodriguez and his system. People say you can't run from this system. Finesse football won't work in the Big East. We need a coach who knows how to run power football.

Without further ado, my unorganized ramblings from the weekend:

· First things first. Congrats to Avon Coborne. I know your goals are not to set personal records. Keep setting these records, and the team goals will fall in line.

· How many times has there ever been a team with two 200-yd rushers in the same game, from the same team? Q was two yards away from giving the Mountaineers two in the same game. Wow.

· How about a special shout out to the offensive line. ECU was manhandled all day long by the WVU offensive line. Excellent blocking up front creates big runs. They are extended by good blocking downfield. Kudos to all the offense.

· Just a little note. Staying out until 2 a.m. and then setting up shop in the Blue Lot at 7 a.m. is rough.

· Speaking of the Blue Lot. I saw a couple of confrontations in the Blue Lot on Saturday. I feel the need to point one of them out. This confrontation came about due to an egregious violation of tailgating etiquette.

Fans coming to tailgate in the various lots around the stadium need to understand a few unwritten rules, and use some common sense. People work pretty hard to have nice little tailgate parties all over the lots. And the last thing that someone who shows up in an RV, or someone who gets in line to enter the lot at 6:30 a.m. needs is someone who shows up late encroaching on their space.

Do not show up and pitch a tailgate in the grass, if you haven't got a space next to said grass. This is really bad manners. The cars that were parked there have first dibs. That is just the way it is.

People have been parking in the same places for years. If you want to get along with the people you will be parking around, don't show up and pilfer someone's space. We all look out for each other. We all eat and drink together. Our kids play together. We help each other set up and tear down all our gear. You won't make too many friends by encroaching on someone else's space that they have been parking in for ten years.

· Quincy Wilson had a tremendous day. As if anyone didn't notice. Not many teams have a guy run for 198 yards, and not lead the team in rushing.

· Another game, another devastating Grant Wiley hit.

· I saw two of the most acrobatic interceptions I have ever seen on Saturday. Ben Collins and Jahmile Addae looked like the Flying Wallendas as they picked off Paul Troth passes.

· The defense was swarming to the ball all afternoon. Especially impressive was the pursuit of the option play.

· The student section is picking up more and more every week. Now if we could just get the general population to follow suit, Mountaineer Field could rock like the old days.

· I was a little disappointed that in WVU's first home game since the 9/11 anniversary, that something wasn't done for Chris Gray. The number 16 should hang permanently on the scoreboard in the south end zone, and the number should have special meaning to every player who wears it.

· I would imagine that the defense will be looking forward to facing their old teammate next Saturday. Lets make sure we give the Maryland QB a nice Mountaineer welcome.

· Ralph Friedgen needs to get ready for a steady diet of Avon Coborne, with a side order of Quincy Wilson. Get in mah belleh.

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