I'm Looking Forward To...

I'm looking forward to several things about Mountaineer football in 2007.

There aren't too many things that get me more excited than the dawn of a new college football season, especially when it comes to the Mountaineers. If I may put on my homer hat for one second, here is a list of things I'm looking forward to this weekend.

  • I'm looking forward to waking up on Saturday morning knowing that it's gameday in Morgantown. After I shake the cobwebs from a late Friday night (spent working, of course) the adrenaline will steadily begin to fill up my blue and gold veins in anticipation for kickoff.

  • I'm looking forward to driving through the downtown campus with my windows rolled down and sweet sounds of the Pride of West Virginia blasting from the speakers of my car

  • I'm looking forward to making the turnoff from University Ave. to the law school parking lot, and parking my car next to a sun-soaked Mountaineer Field as it can only appear on gameday.

  • I'm looking forward to the smell of hot dogs, hamburgers, and beer coming from the tailgate parties and RV's, some of which have been ready to go since Friday evening.

  • I'm looking forward to looking down from law school hill over Tent City, the Blue Lot, and the Pit. Every other day of the week it's just a big parking lot. On gamedays in the fall, though, this big lot becomes sacred ground for Mountaineer fans everywhere.

  • I'm looking forward to the BlueGoldNews.com community tailgate with the Big Cat (w/ apron), the Queen, and many other familiar names and faces that gather in these lots every autumn. I'm looking forward to the looks of shock from the faces of Western Michigan fans as the Cat lifts up said apron.

  • I'm looking forward to the final walk to the stadium with BlueGoldNews.com publisher Kevin Kinder while still getting the rookie treatment of carrying his bags. Even though it's my fourth football season at BlueGoldNews.com, I'm still the youngest of the bunch (by a lot, I might add).

  • I'm looking forward to my customary pre-game walk around the field, when I can soak in the energy that fills Mountaineer Field 60,000 strong with anticipation of another season.

  • I'm looking forward to hearing the words, "And now…from the College of Creative Arts…" and the supernal 10-15 minutes thereafter which culminate with chill bumps as The Pride breaks the tight circle at midfield in the midst of "Simple Gifts".

  • I'm looking forward to my lifelong pal and second-year Mountaineer mascot Brady Campbell firing the musket and leading the team onto the field.

  • I'm looking forward to the first down chant, the rattling of keys, and "Let's Go…Mountaineers."

  • I'm looking forward to the first third down of the game for Western Michigan, the subsequent chimes from the scoreboard, and the announcement from public address voice Travis Jones that "It's…third down."

  • Speaking of Jones, I'm looking forward to his announcement that "the West Virginia Lottery reminds you dreams can come true. Find out in the second quarter if it's happened to you."

  • I'm looking forward to the zone read, the bubble screen, the rugby punt, the 3-3-5, and everything else that happens when the Mountaineers "Spot the Ball".

  • I'm looking forward to the first no-doubter, SportsCenter Top Ten, helmet sticker-worthy big play of what will hopefully be many in 2007.

  • I'm not looking forward to the guy in the red hat who has the ability to render dozens of football players and 60,000 fans completely powerless just by standing on the field while those watching at home "hear a word from our sponsors."

  • I'm looking forward to seeing the present (Schmitt, Slaton, and White) and the future (Brown, Devine, Hogan, Sanders) of Mountaineer football.

  • I'm looking forward to the victory formation, the post-game handshake, and "Country Roads".

  • Heck, I'm even looking forward to post-game interviews and the locker room smell that often comes with them.

  • I'm looking forward to "The Point After", irrational callers (both the overly optimistic and hopelessly pessimistic variety), and traffic reports from the eye in the sky as I make my way back to Cheat Lake.

  • And most of all, I'm looking forward to doing it all over again five more times this fall.

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