Royal Review: WVU-Western Michigan

The Duke provides his perspective on West Virginia's 62-24 romp of Westen Michigan in the 2007 football opener.

You really couldn't paint a more perfect setting for college football Saturday - the weather, the tailgating with the smell of barbeque and the serious cornhole competitions. This all culminated with a 62-24 rout over Western Michigan. The following are my Royal 10 Views of the weekend:

10. At the conclusion of the Gator Bowl how many thought that quarterbacks Jarrett Brown and Adam Bednarik would both still be in the program? It was fantastic watching them warming up in pre-game. Jarrett would start for a majority of NCAA Division I teams and he continued to show his brilliance against Western Michigan.

9. I cannot remember the last time the students stuffed the student body section for a Labor Day weekend game. The Maniacs looked great decked out in their gold. It must be a great freshman class in more ways than one.

8. Speaking of freshman class – I was at the Book Exchange getting my daughter's football jerseys when I spotted the #7 jerseys. For a second I first thought it was a mix up for graduated wide receiver Brandon Myles' jersey then it hit me -- it was freshman Noel Divine's jersey. It took me by surprise to see his jersey based upon a former five-star running back freshman. Noel's 44 yards rushing, 19 yards receiving and touchdown with some flair shows that perhaps it is justified. While Jock Sanders and Noel may be running in a dead heat in practice, the fans clearly responded more to Noel's presence on the field.

7. Outside of Mountaineer Field - but providing significant buzz inside with the fans - the large elephant in the room can no longer be ignored. With Michigan's loss to Appalachian State 34-32 Michigan Head Coach's position requires a change. Lloyd Carr appears to be a first class person, but a Michigan team that is in the Top 10 in recruiting every year, seats 107,501 fans every game and has resources that dwarf Appalachian State cannot lose this game. With Ohio State's and Michigan's horrific bowl losses from last year, I am beginning to agree with ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit's comment from last year that those bowl losses set the Big Ten back ten years.

6. The athletic department needs to move Sam Huff's retired number 75 to a more prominent location in the stadium. With the addition of the south end zone seats his number was moved to the wall right behind the band and the tubas block it out during the game. Also, the royal blue colors don't work. The numbers should be moved to, say, the ledge just below the suites in the end zone and they should be a gold/brass color. We need to add a little class to old number 75.

5. The Pride as always did a fantastic job both in the pre-game tweaks and for their send off to University President David Hardesty and his wife Susan. The Hardestys appeared to thoroughly enjoy the selection.

4. After making 62 of 62 extra points last year, Pat used his one mulligan as he missed an extra point in the fourth quarter.

3. The defense looked much quicker than last year. Linebackers Mortty Ivy, Marc Magro and Reed Williams really looked solid. On special teams freshman Pat Lazear was making his presence felt and you cannot help but to think that he'll jump into the rotation sooner rather than later. The fall chatter hadn't focused on defensive backs Malik Ridwan and Sidney Glover, but these two fellows played a whale of a game. Glover, a true freshman, used all of his 215 pounds on a couple of jarring hits.

2. This sounds corny, but during the game while watching Pat White I thought about the Gatorade "Be Like Mike [Jordan]" original commercial. For the younger generation who are not familiar with this commercial, it is on You Tube. It is a classic. Pat even appears to have the same high level of charisma that Michael had. Following are the lyrics – the Pat White version that I've come up with.

Sometimes I dream
That he is me
You've got to see that's how I dream to be
I dream I move, I dream I groove
Like Pat
If I could Be Like Pat
Again I try
Just need to fly
For just one day if I could
Be that way
I dream I move
I dream I groove
Like Pat
If I could Be Like Pat!

1. Lastly - West Virginia is one victory closer to playing the University of Southern California Trojans on January 7th in New Orleans.

See you in Huntington on Saturday.

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