Things Of That Nature - Maryland Edition

Head coach Rich Rodriguez and his team were "kicked in the gut" with the Maryland loss.

"The coaches and players felt like we got kicked in the gut," Rodriguez said on Sunday while analyzing the loss to the Terrapins. "I thought we would play better and execute a lot better.

"It was kind of shocking to me, but we played sort of cautious. We didn't come off the ball well, and didn't press the line of scrimmage at all. We didn't play with any kind of intensity, and didn't tackle with any authority.

Rodriguez knows, and hopes his team knows, that the Mountaineers can't just walk out on the field and expect to win.

"We have to be a blue collar bunch that plays hard and executes well, or we'll get beat against anyone we play. And if we play poorly, we'll get beat badly. We have to make sure our team understand that."

Work on those and the many other problems to be corrected will begin this week as WVU reviews film from the Maryland debacle and begins preparations for Rutgers, a team the Mountaineers have always had toruble with on the road.


The injury situation worsened on Saturday, with nose guard Ernest Hunter sufering a broken right fibula. The injury will sideline Hunter for at least six weeks, and probably for the rest of regular season.

"It's a shame, because Hunter was really starting to come on," Rodriguez said. "We can always put Upchurch back at nose, which is our first idea. Dubouse is still a freshman, and we hope he can step up and be ready go too."

Phil Braxton, who sustained a frightening head hit and was removed from the field on a backboard, sustained only a stinger, and should be ok for this week.

Brian King got a deep thigh bruise early in the contest, but played through it for the remainder of the game. He will miss a couple days of practice at least.

A.J. Nastasi is still likely out, although he might be able to hold. Anthony Mims returned to action against Maryland for a few late snaps at cornerback.

* * *

WVU had 32 more offensive plays than Maryland, but the difference was that the Terps ripped off big plays, while WVU didn't.

"I didn't realize we had that many plays. The absence of a big play is really concerning to us. When we had the chance to make them we didn't, and that was a concern," Rodriguez said.

* * *

The Terps had a couple of new plays, but Rodriguez said the Mountaineers made critical errors which made them more successful than they should have been.

"They had a few new wrinkles. The one McBrien scored on was a new play, but it was still two missed assignments on our part. Defensively, they had one blitz we hadn't seen before, but we should have been able to pick it up. And we made an adjustment to it on the sideline after that series.

"The other blitzes, we had worked on them all week, but we just didn't do a good job of picking them up."

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