Comfort Zone

Junior college defender Johnny Sanders made a position change prior to the start of his sophomore season, but the experiment didn't last for long.

"I moved back to safety after just a couple of games at linebacker," Sanders told "I wasn't as comfortable there, and the coaches knew I could make plays at safety, so I moved back. Everything is going good now."

Sanders, who could be either a strong safety, outside linebacker, or a hybrid of the two, has played well for Copiah-Lincoln Community College during his final season, and continues to attract interest from a number of Division I schools.

"Oklahoma State came down and watched us a couple of games ago, and they told me there were interested. Southern Mississippi is the school that has been contacting me the most so far. They and Mississippi State have offered me scholarships."

Other schools on Sanders' interest list include West Virginia, Kansas State and Louisville. All have had varying degrees of interest and contact since the start of the season.

"West Virginia told me they were interested, and that I would be a good fit for their program," Sanders said. "I haven't sent off any highlight tapes from this year yet."

Programs that use "tweener" players at combo linebacker/safety positions, such as West Virginia and Southern Mississippi, would likely be the best fit for Saunders, who runs well and covers enough space to help in pass protection, but is also strong enough to provide extra support against the run.

Copiah-Lincoln's last game is scheudled for Oct. 25. Following that game, Sanders will likely be free to set up official visits.

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