Two-Thirds Complete

Supo Sanni completed the second of his final three official visits over the weekend, and is closing in on making his college choice

Sanni visited West Virginia this weekend, and has a visit scheduled for homestate Illinois on the weekend of Oct. 26-28. Shortly after that visit, the safety/wide receiver prospect will make his decision. He previously visited Iowa on Oct. 13.

"Illinois is next for me, and I will probably make my decision next Sunday," Sanni said after returning home from West Virginia. "It's down to Illinois, Iowa, and West Virginia now. I'm just trying to see where I feel the most comfortable. Whichever one I feel the best about is the one I will decide on."

Sanni is already familiar with the WVU campus, having visited his sister, Olayinka Sanni on previous occasions. A standout on the Mountaineer women's basketball team, Yinka hasn't put much pressure on her brother to join her at West Virginia, but Supo does acknowledge it would be a good experience.

"She is excited that I am getting recruited by WVU, and it would be cool to be there with her, but we don't talk about sports or anything like that a lot," he said. "I have been there before, so I knew all about the school, but on this visit I got to see a lot more of the football facilities, so it was definitely a good trip. Yinka has told me about all the ins and outs there.

"I liked it a lot," he continued. "It's a diverse campus, with a lot of different people and areas represented. I hung out with the players and had a lot of fun. My host was Dorrell Jalloh. We talked about the school some, and we went out to dinner with Noel Devine."

Sanni has noted in the past that his sister's presence at West Virginia would not be a big influence on his decision. However, he thinks he did have an impact on her growing up, at least in getting her interested in athletics in general and basketball in particular.

"We talk about sports some, but we don't talk about ourselves a lot," said Supo. "My brother and I used to play basketball all the time when we were younger, and I think that's where she got he interest and learned to be a physical player."

As of now, it looks like all three schools have a equal chance of landing Sanni, so this is a decision that appears to be headed for a photo finish.

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