A Spoonful A Day (Of Rutgers) Sends Problems Away

It is easy to get overly excited about a win over a team like Rutgers. After the disappointing loss last week, Mountaineer fans may be taking comfort in the dominating win over the Scarlet Knights on Saturday.

We must be careful, however, not to take too much from a win over a team who lost to Buffalo earlier in the season. Having said this, the win this weekend might be exactly what the Mountaineers needed.

Anything less than a forty point win may have been a disappointment for the Mountaineers and taken away any confidence that was left in this Mountaineer squad. WVU did what they needed to do to pick up the convincing win and record their fourth "W" of the young season.

West Virginia now has regained confidence in their running game and their defense and are poised and ready to move to 2-0 in the Big East this weekend. What must happen to make this a reality?

First, the Mountaineers must believe they can win. As I stated last week, believing is the first step to success. The Mountaineers must erase the memories of the two losses and instead build on the success that they experienced in New Jersey.

Second, WVU must start strong offensively. Much criticism has been placed on the West Virginia defense this season, but the Mountaineer "D" has performed well when the offense has had success and given the defense a chance to catch their breath on the sideline. If the offense can start strong, the defense will follow, and the Orange will be in for a long afternoon in Morgantown.

In order for the gold and blue to have offensive success, however, the Mountaineers must improve in the passing game. It is clear that the passing game will never be the strength of this year's offense, but some minimal level of success in the air attack must be achieved to open up the running game.

It won't take a 400 yard passing game, just enough to make teams respect the pass and not overload the box. The opportunities have been there this season, now Rasheed Marshall must take advantage of the chances as they present themselves. The Mountaineer ground attack can be something special if given the chance.

Finally, this weekend may be the Mountaineers chance to gain the ultimate revenge on Syracuse and Coach Paul Pasqualoni for the fiasco that took place on Mountaineer Field in 1992. Since that brawl and the controversial end to the game, Mountaineer fans have been looking for revenge.

With a few disappointing seasons in a row and an abysmal start to this season, Pasqualoni is on the "hot seat" with the Orangeman. If the Mountaineers can play to their potential and knock off the visitors, Coach Pasqualoni may be on the way out.

This is a must win for the WVU, and could be the deciding factor in whether the Mountaineers go "bowling" or stay home for the holidays. Let's pack the stadium and continue the tremendous support. Let's Go Mountaineers!

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