Pressure Points

West Virginia's pressure defense under Bob Huggins has been the subject of much scrutiny early on, but the Mountaineers also passed their first test in that area on the other end of the floor in their rout of Prairie View.

Ruoff and his teammates got their first taste of pressure defense from the Panthers, who picked the Mountaineers up fullcourt in the early stages of the game. Three possessions later, they were back in a halfcourt set, as WVU attacked the defense with diagonal passes and found open players for easy shots.

West Virginia has struggled against presses over the past couple of seasons, so it was good to see it handle a press so easily, even though it certainly wasn't as teancious as some that WVU will see later in the year.

WVU also ratcheted up the man-to-man pressure on its end of the floor, forcing 34 Prairie View turnovers and keeping the Panthers from running their offense with any sort of consistency.

Mountaineer Alex Ruoff discusses the pressure game, and West Virginia's improvement over the weekend, in this interview.

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