Mountaineers Take Care of Business Against Cuse

The Mountaineers certainly took a businesslike approach to throttling Syracuse on Saturday. A pounding running game, timely passing and a staunch defense doomed Syracuse from the first kickoff.

Were it not for some horrendous officiating that kept Syracuse in the game, this game would have been a huge blowout. WVU essentially did what they wanted on Saturday against the Orangemen, except when the yellow hankies were flying around like summer mosquitoes.

A few observations from a wet and windy day:

* Rasheed Marshall was impressive, to say the least, on Saturday. While he was far from perfect, he was again victimized by a couple of drops on excellently thrown passes that would certainly have made his stats look better. But that wasn't the only improvement. Rasheed was seeing the field a lot better on Saturday. He scored twice on plays that were designed to be passes, but didn't force the pass when Syracuse dropped everyone including the training staff into coverage.

* The offensive line played a very good game this week. Rasheed had a lot of time when he went back to pass, and rarely was he rushed or pressured. They did get to Rasheed a couple of times on Saturday, but otherwise they had a very good game.

* Let it be known that Grant Wiley is officially barred from winning defensive player of the week honors at for the remainder of the season. His standard of tremendous play will no longer suffice. If he can't sack the quarterback without simultaneously directing Blue Lot traffic and delivering a baby over at Ruby Memorial, I refuse to vote for him.

* Why does JT Perry not play more? If he was worth burning a redshirt over, he can certainly run a post pattern.

* The question was raised in our tailgate after the game, "Do you know who the special teams warrior is?" Half said Quincy the other half said Scotty Gyorko. I went with Gyorko. While Quincy seems to make some viciously hard hits on kick coverage, Gyorko seems to always be on the ball when he is in there.

* I won't spend much time talking about the officials. But that was the worst officiated game I have seen at Mountaineer Field in a long, long time. How Syracuse could go an entire game without a holding call is beyond me. How you can block a punt, and get a personal foul for roughing the kicker is beyond me. Even the television commentators were awed by the poor nature of the call.

How a Mountaineer can get thrown to the ground by not one, but two Orange players on a punt, and the Mountaineer get whistled for a personal foul is beyond me. And I certainly thought that the pass from Rasheed to Travis Garvin down the sidelines to the endzone, which many people are calling a dropped pass, had a little premature contact of the arms.

* The weather certainly didn't help attendance on Saturday. But the fact is, after the game started, it didn't really rain that much. If it weren't for a steady wind all day, it would have been quite comfortable out there.

Note to students: Pitiful showing today.

Note to the students who did show up: Nice job of creating noise on Saturday.

Note to the people in the South endzone: It speaks volumes when you create more noise over the chance at a ten dollar t-shirt than you do at a fourth and goal for the opposition at the goal line in front of you.

* Syracuse came to town looking to right their ship. What they got was a butt whoopin. And the smiles were large.

If our defense plays like that against Miami, WVU will not be embarrassed.

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