Rodriguez: Will Not Answer Michigan Questions

Rich Rodriguez refused to answer any questions concerning his interest in the Michigan head coaching job, then threatened to end the press conference if related questions were asked.

"It may be disappointing to you, but I am not going to talk about any rumors or innuendo or jobs or what else is floating out there," Rodriguez said. "I will talk about this year's team, this year's season, bowl preparations, aspects of recruiting that we are heavily involved in right now, that's about it. All that other stuff I don't want to talk about."

Mickey Furfari then asked a related question about recruiting, wondering what Rodriguez was telling recruits that had questions about his interest in the Michigan job.

Rodriguez faces the media
"I am not talking about anything other than this year's team, this year's season and this year's bowl preparation," Rodriguez said. After another question about the rumors, Rodriguez added: "You all have not understood what I just said. One more question and this conference, unfortunately, and you all have been super, but if the questions persist outside of that then this thing will be over."

Rodriguez was then asked if he would be the head coach of West Virginia during its Fiesta Bowl game.

"You're a tricky guy," he said.

None of the players spoken with said Rodriguez had even addressed the issue with the team. West Virginia practiced for the second time in as many days this morning. Rodriguez did not address the Michigan job opening on Friday, either. The Mountaineers were scheduled to drill this afternoon, but that has been cancelled. More than one player said it was unrelated. One coach has already left on a recruiting trip.

WVU athletic director Ed Pastilong was at the Puskar Center before Rodriguez this morning, but it was unclear if he was there to talk to the coach, or if the two met or spoke.

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