OU Prep Remains Same

Highlights from a question and answer session with Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops.

Opening Statement: "We are all excited to be here for sure. To be back here at the Fiesta Bowl and representing the Big 12 Conference as Big 12 Champions. Our team takes a lot of pride in that. It's a great venue. Everybody involved with the Fiesta Bowl is absolutely first class in everything that they do. Everybody over at the Princess hotel is just fantastic. Our practice field is great. Everything last year couldn't have been better. We're definitely excited to be back participating in it. We are looking forward to the week and enjoying Phoenix. It's funny that you get four or five days off and you are walking around the house, you don't know what to do. We're anxious to get back on the field and start working towards the weekend. We're playing a great West Virginia team. Big East Champions once again. It's a proud, tradition-rich program. We recognize it as another big challenge but an exciting one at that."

About the health of the team: "Health-wise, we are better than we were in the title game. Reggie Smith is still out and he is not going to play. I think everyone has been back practicing. Auston English has improved everyday and I don't know that he will be at 100 percent, but he will be much further along than he was in the Big 12 Championship where he still played pretty well for us."

About coming back to the Valley after playing in last year's Fiesta Bowl: "It was a long time ago. I loved that everybody wanted to write about that all spring and through the summer. It had absolutely no affect on us whatsoever. Go through our first four games and see how it affected us. That is one of those things where it is a different time, different team, different circumstances. I just don't see how it equates. We are a different team from then and hopefully we'll get ourselves prepared playing a good game here this year."

Will Dominique Franks start at corner in place of Lendy Holmes?: "Possibly. We're going to see. Brian Jackson has really done well for us. We'll see how those guys work through the week. We have a lot of confidence in both of them. We'll continue to play like we always have."

About West Virginia's team adversity since Rich Rodriguez left: "None of us are wondering about it. They are not going to change their offense in a week's time. We are going to prepare for them just like if changes didn't happen. I think anytime you go into a bowl game you'll have wrinkles, which we'll have as well. I don't see changing anything for us."

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