First Shots

West Virginia University has fired the first legal shot in the battle expected over the $4 million buyout clause in former head football coach Rich Rodriguez' contract.

In a filing with the Monongalia County Circuit Court (#17), the school maintains that West Virginia did not in any manner breach its contractual obligations to Rodriguez, and thus asks for a judgment that Rodriguez is responsible for paying the money to the school.

The move is seen as a preemptory move against hinted legal action from Rodriguez and some of his supporters, who noted that "lawyers are working on it" when asked about a possible challenge to the buyout. Neither Rodriguez nor any of his boosters have listed any items from the existing contract that they claim West Virginia University has not fulfilled.

The buyout, which went into effect when Rodriguez resigned before August 31, 2008, requires him to pay the amount over two years. The first payment of $1.33 million is due on Jan. 19.

Rodriguez and his agent, Mike Brown, were unavailable for comment.

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