Q and A: Bill Stewart

A brief segment of questions for and comments from West Virginia interim head coach Bill Stewart.

On Saturday's practice: "We took the pads off. It's time to do a lot more speed stuff and a lot more team stuff instead of banging on each other. We've had two pretty intense days hitting one another. I think its time right now to quit banging on each other and get ready for the game. We are going to do a lot of group work. We'll still do a lot with the kicking game today. We want to keep emphasizing the kicking game. We'll finish with a nice two-minute drill at the end and have a little fun with that. That is the state of the union for today."

About his impressions of Oklahoma: "I don't know where to start. How can you not be impressed with Bobby Stoops and Kevin Wilson and Brent Venables and Kevin Sumlin? And all of the people they have. First of all, they have a tremendous coaching staff. You don't win 11 football games seven out of the last nine years and not have something pretty well put together. That's a heck of a machine. They are in the top five in so many categories I can't even remember. We're going up against a very formidable opponent. Their guys are big, fast and strong. They are tremendously quich for their size. They are probably playing the best football in the country at this time right now. I think very highly of the Sooners of Oklahoma."

About any distractions after Coach Rodriguez left: "I couldn't be any more pleased. I'm not an optimist. And I'm not a pessimist. I'm a realist. If we don't practice well, these folks back home will tell you that we don't practice well. They know I'm going to shoot it straight. We've practiced darn good. The coaching staff has done a tremendous job as I knew they would. The players have exceeded our expectations. Distractions are something of the mind."

About simulating QB Sam Bradford on the scout team: "I don't know how you can simulate that guy. He's a tremendous quarterback. We have two really good athletes in Charlie Russell and Bradley Starks. Bradley is a runner, mover and shaker. He can get on the corner and do things that Bradford does. Charlie Russell is a big drop back, strong-armed kind of guy that we always had at West Virginia the last few years. Those two men have done a fine job. Our defensive coaches seem to be pleased. You try to do the best that you can because I think we are going against one of the best quarterbacks in the country. How do you throw 34 touchdowns and only seven interceptions?"

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