The Stage Is Set For The Hurricanes

The Mountaineers made mincemeat of a struggling Syracuse football team this past Saturday. I can't recall an Orangemen team as poor as this one.

I presumed they would come to Morgantown ready to play good football in an attempt to turn their season around, but the only thing they turned around was the bus. And it was getting warmed up at halftime.

The Mountaineers jumped out to an early lead and never turned back. They took advantage of the Orangemen's lack of discipline and sloppy play. The defense choked them right out of the gates. They controlled the line of scrimmage and the secondary run support was excellent. Their aggressiveness paid dividends by forcing Syracuse's trainers to escort quite a few starters off the field. We were just more physical than they were.

Rasheed Marshall really needed this kind of a performance to bolster his confidence. The offense played smart football, nothing flashy, but effective. Avon and Quincy are becoming quite the one-two punch. They are like a two-headed monster for opponents. They complement each other very well.

Coach Rod is doing a good job of maximizing their potential. I am still amazed at our rushing attack in this spread offense. The offensive line is doing a fantastic job of making holes for Avon and Quincy and protecting Rasheed in the pocket.

It is nice to see the team begin to gel together, buy into Coach Rod's teachings and get it done on Saturdays. As a player, it is very rewarding to see all the blood, sweat and tears pay off. Not to mention, it makes for a much more pleasant film session on Sundays.

Well, there will be some Hurricanes in Morgantown this Saturday. We better take cover. Or should we? The list of undefeated teams is dwindling with the passing of each week. It would be nice to not see Miami's name on the list this Sunday. Anything is possible!

The Mountaineers need to force turnovers again this week, play smart offensively and hope that Miami has another Florida State-like performance. As heavy underdogs on our home turf and on national television, it is important we remain poised and continue to improve. We can't afford to give Miami anything. They must earn it.

This is a tremendous opportunity for the Mountaineers to knock off the nation's best, make up for poor showings against Wisconsin and Maryland and become bowl eligible. I'm looking forward to it.

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