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West Virginia's gritty win over Marquette was achieved in front of the watchful eyes of a pair of Mountaineer basketball recruits.

Early signee Kevin Jones took in the game from the lower level of the Coliseum floor, accompanied by a teammate. Also on hand was junior prospect Bobby Capobianco, who got his first look at the WVU basketball squad in action.

"I came over for a football game last year, but this was my first visit for a game," the relaxed big man said. "For the football game, I just got to see the gym and the field, and then I had to leave, but this time I got to see the surrounding places, the student academic center, where the guys live and the whole area.

"The facility there is great," Capobianco continued of West Virginia's basketball home. "The Coliseum is definitely one of a kind. I thought there was a big crowd given that was still the holidays and the students weren't back yet. The fan support was still huge."

With more than 11,000 people in attendance, Capobianco was impressed with the support that West Virginia got for the Sunday afternoon game. He was also taken with some of the people he met.

"I got to meet the governor, and while you can't expect anything like that on a visit, it was good. That was really a nice touch. He is a good guy."

While meeting dignitaries doesn't hurt, Capobianco was more interested in what he could learn about the Mountaineer program on his visit. Being able to see a game in person and visit with the players on the team gave him a different perspective on the West Virginia program – one that doesn't come through in other media.

"On TV you aren't hearing what Huggs is saying to his players," Capobianco said. "But you can in person. I've been to practices, too, and you learn so much more when you can be around the team. You get a feel for a team's offense and what they want to do. I got the chance to watch film with him, and being able to do that and listen to him, it's just a whole lot different."

Capobianco is still gathering information on schools of interest, and probably won't announce his intentions anytime soon. He is also interested in a pair of midwestern schools, including WVU's Sunday foe.

"I went back to Marquette for a visit, and I was scheduled for a trip to St. Louis, but I had to cancel that one," he detailed. "I plan to reschedule that in a couple of weeks. Besides that, my high school season is getting busy, so I probably won't have much more time to make visits [before the end of the season].

Capobianco's high school team is 7-3, but while he is playing well, he isn't totally satisfied with his production.

"We have been playing well, but we had a couple of breakdowns in games where shots weren't falling. I'm averaging about 19 points and 12 rebounds per game, but that's lower than [last year]. I have had some foul trouble in a couple of games that has kept me out. They don't like big men in my area, so we all suffer. But I have been able to put up some decent numbers anyway."

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