Continuing Saga

Rich Rodriguez' "answer" to the request for a declatory judgment in regards to his contract buyout appears to be just another variation of the delaying tactics he employed while fending off questions about his job status while at West Virginia.

Rodriguez, in a request filed today in Monongalia County Circuit Court, is requesting a move of the action to the Northern District federal court in West Virginia.

The move appears to be simply another version of the "no comment" and other delaying tactics Rodriguez, his agent and attorneys employed to deal with media and other interested parties while he finalized his deal with Michigan.

A judge will consider the request for the change in jurisdiction and either approve it, which will move it to federal court, or deny it, which will keep in at the Circuit Court level.

This action does not appear to affect the deadline for the first payment of the $4 million buyout that Rodriguez is liable for, which is due on Saturday, Jan 19.

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