Rest, Recovery and Consistency

After gaining its fourth consecutive win over Marshall, West Virginia's women's basketball team will try to squeeze in some rest and recovery time before facing Georgetown on Saturday afternoon at home.

"We will come in today and watch film and get in the gym a bit, but we won't do much physical today," head coach Mike Carey said. "Then we'll try to hit it hard tomorrow and prepare for Georgetown.

"We had a tough game last night. It was very physical, and very emotional between the two schools," he continued. "West Virginia is a big game on their schedule, and they look forward to that every year. They try to prove something -- that they are a major university in the state of West Virginia."

Carey acknowledged, in a roundabout way, that the timing of the game isn't one that he would select. However, he knows the political realities of the situation.

"It is kind of tough to play that game in the middle of our Big East schedule," he noted. "I was disappointed we weren't up for the game the way I though we should be, and Marshall was. I felt we were lucky to get a win there."

With that, Carey turned his attention to the Hoyas, who, like the Herd, will be looking to knock off a nationally-ranked opponent to gain some much-needed credibility.

"Georgetown beat Seton Hall, and they are doing much better this year. We have to get off last night's game and get focused on them right away. They play a 1-2-2 and will trap out of it in the corners and extend it some. They are the type of team that you try to play at their pace, and they are much improved from last year. We know we have to play better than we did last night."


Meg Bulger reinjured her knee against Marshall, but the severity of the damage won't be known until at least late on Thursday.

"Meg did tweak her knee, but I have not talked to the trainers yet," Carey said. "We wanted to wait and see how it felt and how much swelling was in it.

* * *

Yinka Sanni has been playing her best basketball of the season, according to Carey.

"She always was scoring for us, but she is doing a great job on the boards, both defensively and offensively. She has taken the next step in controlling the boards on both sides."

* * *

Carey on his team's consistency while winning five of its last six games:

"We will play a half pretty well, but we haven't put 40 minutes together yet. It will come back and haunt us in the end if we can't do that. We have to play 40 minutes going against these teams in the Big East. We have spurts where we play well, but then spurts where we don't. We need to be more consistent, not go through peaks and valleys."

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