Renovations Never "Off"

West Virginia University administrators did not try to postpone or cancel promised football locker room renovations, despite the claims of Rich Rodriguez to the contrary.

In his letter to Athletic Director Ed Pastilong, Rodriguez wrote, "During the fall, you came to my office in the middle of the season and said that project was off because of a lack of funds. No alternative plan or resolution was presented - just the fact it would not be built as promised unless "all the checks were in.""

According to multiple sources with knowledge of the situation, the estimate for locker room renovations came in much higher than anticipated, which caused some readjustment to the fundraising efforts that would cover the improvements. However, at no time, according to the sources, was there any plan to drop the renovations altogether. Initial estimates of the cost of the locker room and other renovations in the Puskar Center ranged from $2-$4 million dollars, with the final cost winding up at between $6-$7 million.

Rodriguez' letter to Pastilong admitted that funds were raised to cover the difference. WVU typically does not begin major capital improvements until funds are committed for that purpose.

The locker room renovations remained on the list of improvements to be carried out, and were begun immediately following West Virginia's Fiesta Bowl win. In any event, the renovations could not start until after the football team had concluded its preparations for the game, as the team continued to use them, as well as the rest of the facilities in the Puskar Center, in preparation for the bowl game.

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