Bits and Bytes - Temple

If it's an oddity in stats or a uniform quirk, we've got it couvered in our final look at the Temple contest.


West Virginia's football uniforms get more comments than just about any other topic from fans -- it seems like everyone has an opinion.

No matter what combination of blue, gold and white the Mountaineers come up with, they'll never look as bad as some of Temple's uniforms from the 70s and 80s.

One version of the Owl outfits featured broken stripes up the sides of the uniform pants. It made Temple players look like hash marks.


Some teams win by getting the jump on opponents and outscoring them in the first quarter. Others, using depth and relentless attacks, wear their foes down and put up big fourth quarter advantages.
Game Info
WVU 2-1, 5-3
TU 1-2, 3-5
Sat. 11/2 Noon
Veterans Stadium
Series: WVU 21-12-0
TV: None
BCS: WVU-54 - TU-77
Line:WVU -6.5
Stats & Trends
For WVU, whose season has been filled with oddities and apparent incongruities, it's the second quarter. The Mountaineers have doubled their opponents in that stanza, putting 89 points on the board while allowing 41.


For my money, Owl backup QB Mike Frost is a better passer than starter Mike McGann.

Of course, I don't watch the Owls every day, but from a distance, I think Frost throws the ball better and is more dangerous in the passing game.

Of course, throwing the ball is just one of a number of components that make up a good QB. If it were just a throwing contest, Jeff George would be one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history.

Nevertheless, I'm glad Frost will be on the sidelines when the game begins on Saturday.


Choosing between playing at Franklin Field or Veterans Stadium is kind of like choosing between having your stereo stolen or receiving a root canal.

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I can remember a trip to the press box at the Vet when I was working for U92 in Morgantown during my college days. It was about 35 degress and sleeting, and we were seated in an open air press box with the rain and snow pounding in. Miserable.

Franklin Field wasn't any better two years ago. The climb to the press box is akin to crossing ice crevasses on Mount Everest with a rickety ladder, and the doors to the locker room were so small that players in game gear had to duck and turn sideways in order to emerge.


I'm substituting Penn State for the Big East Conference this week, because this is just too delicious to pass up.

Penn State head football coach Joe Paterno has been moaning recently about officiating. One of his complaints has to do with officials from the home state of Nittany Lion opponents being assigned to PSU games. Excuse me while I laugh my head off.

Penn State had the uncle of running back Mike Guman officiate games at State College. I'd say that's a bit worse than just getting a native of Michigan or Iowa onto the sacred ground of Nittany Stadium. Famous 'homer' calls got PSU wins over Alabama and Nebraska in Happy Valley in the 1980s, if memory serves correctly. For some reason, I think JoePa has conveniently filed those events away.

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