(Almost) From Scratch

Wide receivers coach Lonnie Galloway probably has less game film than any Mountaineer coach with which to evaluate his players, but that hasn't stopped him from getting an appreciation for some of the skills they have to offer prior to spring practice.

The run-centric Mountaineers didn't have a great number of passing highlights on their 2007 film cutups, so Lonnie Galloway didn't have as much film to watch, at least as it involved catching the ball, as he took over West Virginia's outside receiving corps.

However, in the limited time that coaches are allowed to spend with players during the offseason, he believes that he has seen some talents that will allow West Virginia to expand its passing game in. Like coordinator Jeff Mullen, he cautions that WVU will not throw the ball just to be throwing it.

In this exclusive pre-spring interview, Galloway discuses his receivers, some of the things that West Virginia will try to accomplish during the spring, and the challenges of recruiting in the heart of SEC country.

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