The View From 217 - Temple Edition

Due to the lack of television this week, and my need to spend some time with the family, this contributor has little to add that wasn't heard on the radio.

What I did observe, based upon the MSN broadcast, was a Mountaineer team that came to play at Temple probably for the first time in ten years. WVU jumped on the Owls early, and put them away. Give credit to Temple, they didn't just roll over and quit. But they never had a chance in this game after the score hit 14-0. Some observations, not all related to WVU since I got to watch a lot of football this weekend.

* The defense continues to improve. I can't help but be impressed by the WVU run defense. Make no mistake, Tanardo Sharps is a legitimate running back. He ran all over WVU in 2001. Maybe he should have saved some of those yards for 2002.

* It continues to puzzle me as to why Danny Embick does not get some game experience in blowout situations. It shouldn't matter than he isn't going to do anything but hand the ball off to Q&A. He needs the game experience. And 40-0 leads should be a perfect situation to let him get some game. You do need to weigh that against Rasheed getting more experience. But I think he has pretty much mastered the running game in our offense. If he isn't going to pass in a blowout, let Danny play.

* Did anyone catch the end of the Texas-Nebraska game? If you did, you saw a coach calling for a moving van with ten seconds to go in the game. Few jobs come with more pressure and higher expectations than the University of Nebraska. And fans in Lincoln don't put up with losing seasons. So here was Nebraska on the 15 yard line with fifteen seconds to go in the game, well into field goal range, and down three points. So what do you do? You have your quarterback throw into double coverage. Interception. Loss.

Hey Frank, kick the field goal, run to the middle and call time out to set up the angle, but don't throw the ball. Your offense is not renowned for throwing the ball. Ryder is generally better than U-Haul.

* How about the Virginia Tech-Pitt game? I thought it was a nice touch for Frank Beamer to paste last year's postgame comments all over the locker room. I thought it was a better touch for them to let Pitt manhandle them again. Certainly Tech's BCS dreams are over, unless they beat Miami and win the Big East. Wouldn't it be nice to beat Pitt and ruin their dreams of the Gator Bowl?

I don't know who I hate more; Pitt or Notre Dame. Yes I do. It's Pitt.

* How about Boston College going up to Notre Dame and beating the worst 3rd ranked team in the history of college football? How in the world a team wins that many games with an offense that inept is beyond me.

* Don't look now, but Ohio State is making its case for the national title game.

* I am sure I am not the only one who is puzzled by Miami's performance over the last three weeks. Certainly I think the teams they have played have put forth their best efforts of the year. But RUTGERS? Trailing Rutgers after three quarters? Rutgers?? If Dorsey wins the Heisman, the award is a joke.

* If Avon Coborne and Grant Wiley don't make first team all Big East, then the awards are a joke.

* One last thing before I go. Get your schedule cleared for this Saturday. Get your tickets, if you don't already have them, and get your rear up to Morgantown. WVU has a shot to lock up fourth place in the Big East with two games to go. The simple fact of the matter is, WVU still controls its own destiny for the Gator Bowl. But if we don't beat BC, we aren't going to Jacksonville. Get in the stands, yell until you can't speak anymore. Let the national audience know that the Mountaineers are back baby. See you there.

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