Lining It Out

George Washington (Charleston, W. Va.) offensive lineman Rodney Hudson has interest from Big East, Big Ten and ACC schools. Catch up with the latest on this bruiser's summer plans and recruiting information in this report.

"I have been talking with West Virginia, Wake Forest, Maryland, Purdue, Virginia and Marshall," said Hudson, a two-way lineman who is getting notice on both sides of the ball. "Right now, they are talking with me and telling me to come to camp so they can see me. I don't have any offers yet. I was at West Virginia's rising senior camp in March, and I plan to go back for the team camp in June. I also have plans to go to Wake Forest's camp this summer.

"At West Virginia, the facilities and things are very nice. It's a great atmosphere. I've been down to Wake Forest too. I like their coaches. I'm just trying to let it all balance itself out."

Hudson likes West Virginia and Wake Forest early in the recruiting period, but is still open to anyone showing an interest in him. Both the Mountaineers and Deacons see Hudson on the offensive side of the ball, while the others on the list haven't gotten into specifics about a position yet.

"I don't have a preference on position. As long as I am playing is the thing," he said. "I like to play defense and offense, so that's a win-win situation."

Hudson's love of the game came early on.

"I've always been a hog," he said with a laugh in describing his early days of playing the game. "I played T-ball little, but other than that it's always been football. The first time I played, I got to throw people around, and I kind of liked that. As I moved on, it was the team aspect that I really liked. Working with other people, depending on them, having them depend on you. It's a great sport. I love the contact and the heart that you have to put into it to be able to be a good player."

With recruiting interest starting to blossom for the physical Hudson, he finds it challenging to keep his current playing separate from his future prospects. He's able, though to draw that line and keep each in its proper place.

"It's hard not to think about it when you go to camp," he said of trying to catch the ey of coaches. "This is one of the key components of your future. You just try to play hard, do your best and make a good impression. There is a little pressure, but not a lot.

"In games you try to concentrate on the game and not on impressing someone else. You want to get the win for your team. Then if it comes out good for recruiting, that's o.k. But I'm playing my senior year for George Washington. I do think about the recruiting and college a little, but I am more concerned with taking my team as far as it can go into the playoffs."

Other than camps, Hudson will be working out with his line teammates at GW this summer to improve their individual games. While skill position players are catching the ball and running, the linemen have their own sets of drills as a path to improvement.

"We have dot drills, feet agility and other drills we can do," Hudson explains. "We have equipment that helps us work on staying low coming out of our stance. We hit the sleds and work on explosion. So, if the skill guys are outside throwing the ball around, we are inside lifting, working on stance, takeoffs and stuff like that."

Still while those preparations go on, Hudson knows that his play will ultimately determine his college future, and the level of offers he receives.

"I am trying to keep recruiting separate," he said. "I'm still concentrating on my high school career, because I just have one year left. I know recruiting is important – it's a once in a lifetime experience being recruited. But I want to enjoy high school and take it as far as a can, and then work on the recruiting."

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