Whitlock, White Selected

Junior right-hander Josh Whitlock became the second Mountaineer selected in the 2008 Major League Baseball Draft when he was picked by the Chicago Cubs, while the third Mountaineer picked has never set foot on a campus diamond.

Whitlock was picked in the 26th round and was the 791st overall selection. He was one of 28 pitchers selected by the Cubs among their 51 draftees.

Whitlock finished his junior year with an even 7-7 record on 14 starts. He now faces a decision of signing with the Cubs and starting a professional career or returning to West Virginia for his senior season.

Meanwhile, WVU quarterback Patrick White was again selected in the draft, going to the Cincinnati Reds in round 49 as the 1457th pick overall. That's a long way from the fourth round slot he held in the 2004 draft, when the Anaheim Angels selected him out of high school, but there's no danger of White forgoing his senior season at West Virginia to play for the Reds. Cincinnati, which will hold his rights for a year, is simply taking the chance that White might opt to play professional baseball if a pro football career doesn't pan out.

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