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The path taken by Terence Kerns from high school to college has been a circuitous one, but he believes that he is close to taking the final step in fulfilling his college dream.

Kerns, who recently completed classwork to assist in his qualifying efforts, expects to find out as soon as today if he is eligible.

"I get my SAT scores back today and my ACTs next week," Kerns told "I'm only about three points short, so I am expecting that I will make it. As soon as I qualify, I will be down to West Virginia.

"I've been staying in contact with the coaches, and they are still expecting me. I talked with Coach Beatty four or five days ago."

Since Kerns finished out his one year stay at Hargrave Military Academy, he has been working out at a gym close to his Maryland home.

"My high school coaches have workouts over there, and I've been joining in with them," Kerns detailed. "We've been doing those at about 6:00 a.m. I've been working out on my own, too.

"I'm still running very fast I weight 234 now, and that's about the weight I expect to play at in college. I'm running a mile a day, but I'm not losing any more weight."

Kerns, who played at around the 215-pound mark in high school, believes that "just eating" put on some of the extra weight when he was down with a knee injury. However, his training regiment has allowed him to retain his speed, even though he is 20 pounds heavier than he was in high school.

"I'm still running in the 4.3s," Kerns said. "I've been able to keep that even with the added strength."

Kerns' availability would help alleviate concerns about a lack of depth and size in the WVU backfield. Only Noel Devine, who had just 80 touches from the tailback position, returns with experience at that spot. Newcomers Zach Hulse and Mark Rodgers are also expected to compete for early playing time.

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