"Huggs Type of Player"

According to the director of his AAU program, rising junior Storm Stanley has all the tools to be successful for Bob Huggins at West Virginia.

Stanley, a 6-10 center who committed to West Virginia at the adidas It Takes Five Classic in Cincinnati, is the type of mobile, athletic frontcourt player upon which Huggins has built his most successful teams.

"He's very agile, runs the floor and plays quick," said Michael Duncan, director of the Ohio Basketball Club for which Stanley plays in AAU competition. "He has very good post moves, and he can hit jumpers out to around the free throw line."

With two more years of high school play left to go, Duncan believes that Stanley will be much better by the time he's ready to attend West Virginia. He's only lacking one item -- one that will come with time -- to make him collegiate ready.

"He does need to add some strength and size," Duncan admitted. "He's about 235 pounds right now. But he still has two years of high school left to go, so he has plenty of time to get a college body. And when he gets that, look out, because it's going to be all over."

On the court, Stanley exhibits all the skills of a Huggins big man. He's an agile defender, goes after the ball aggressively, rebounds on both ends and blocks shots. All of those talents are built on his mobility and quick feet.

"You have to have that to play for Huggins," Duncan noted. "He gets out and runs the floor, and I think that's one of the things that make him a good fit. We let him run, and we play man-to-man defense all the time, just like Huggins does, so that made him a good fit too.

"I can see him adding about 20 pounds without bothering his ability to get up and down the floor," Duncan concluded. "And with that size and strength, he's going to be a great player."

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