Time to Separate the Men from the Boys

In case you have been locked in a cave for the last three months, suffer from some serious amnesia, or just plain don't follow West Virginia football, you certainly know that beginning on Wednesday, the football Mountaineers kickoff two straight rivalry games that get the blood boiling in even the most frigid weather.

First up this week, in what has quickly become one of the most difficult places to play in America, the Mountaineers travel to Blacksburg, Virginia to take on a Virginia Tech team that seemingly never loses at home in an ESPN night game.

This game seems to pit two teams that are mirror images of one another. Two great running backs, a young, mobile quarterback, a top twenty defense and a toughness that creates more breaks than should be humanly possible.

Big hits rule
Virginia Tech comes to the table with Lee Suggs and Kevin Jones, The Untouchables. These two backs have been called by many pundits the best tandem in the country. West Virginia brings their own one-two punch to the table in Avon Cobourne and Quincy Wilson, Q & A. Suggs and Coborne both suffered season ending knee injuries in their career.

Bryan Randall starts at QB for the Hokies, and shed the label of the mobile QB who could not throw with a 500+ yard performance in a loss to Syracuse ten days ago. Rasheed Marshall, on the other hand, is used much more as a runner, and is second on the team in touchdowns with an amazing ten rushing scores.

Both defenses are stingy against the run, but lately, Tech has shown some weakness, as Pitt ran the ball all over them in their last ESPN night game, and a Syracuse team which couldn't move the ball on the Mountaineers at all shredded Tech through land and air.

This game shapes up to be a pure donnybrook. Make no mistake fans, there will be no hand holding on the field Wednesday night in Blacksburg. This will not be a family affair. For those with weak stomachs, I suggest the Richard Simmons hour on the Oxygen Channel.

Be ready!
It is time to shave your head. Time to paint your face. Time to put on your fightin' clothes. Time to get dirty. It is time for War.

This game will be a battle of wills. And both teams intend to line up and shove the ball right down the other's throat. Nothing but Wilsonburgers for everyone. Kicking, scratching, clawing, holding, punching, biting, taunting, eye poking and spitting. And that is just the cheerleaders.

This game is nothing but pure attitude. And if you aren't jacked up by now, you need to visit your heart surgeon.

The Mountaineers are coming. The Mountaineers are coming with attitude and a purpose. The Mountaineers are coming to take your heart, your will, your fight.

We can talk about total offense, total defense, turnover margins, special teams rankings and any statistic you can dream of. If that makes you feel better, you are in the wrong column. It is time to put a big, size 19 gold and blue foot on a maroon posterior. With the Gator Bowl on the line, the Mountaineers are out for blood. And Wednesday night, they will get it.

WVU 34 Tech 24.

Buckle Up!

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