Glaud's Itinerary To Include West Virginia

The uniquely named Ka'Lial Glaud has forged a solid relationship with his recruiting coach at West Virginia, and plans to get to the Big East school for a visit.

Glaud, who is projected as a linebacker in college despite limited experience at the position, has some ties with the Mountaineers.

"Growing up, West Virginia was my favorite team, said Glaud. "I've been building a good relationship with Coach Lockwood. He's cool and relaxed, and very open to talk with."

Glaud, who starred at quarterback for Winslow Township as a junior, threw for more than 1,700 yards and 20 scores last year. He added another 700 yards on the ground, but it was a short stint at linebacker that has a number of schools taking notice.

"I just played at linebacker for about three games, but I had around 40 tackles and three forced fumbles," said the multi-skilled player. "This year, I might play some quarterback, but I'll move around even more. I'll play some slot receiver and some running back to try to create some mismatches on offense, and I'll play at linebacker on defense. I think our defense is going to be very good this year. It should be the strength of our team. We made the city finals last year, and I want to win that this year and go on to the regional playoffs."

Glaud attended a pair of combines this summer, but did not make it to any individual camps. However, with schools such as Rutgers, Tennessee, Boston College, Maryland, Michigan State and Iowa all offering or expressing varying degrees of interest, he will certainly have a full slate of autumn campus visits.

"I want to get to West Virginia, and I plan on taking all of my visits as of now," he reported. "I want to see not just the school, but the town, where the school is, how the coaches treat the players, everything. I want to go to a strong football town, but the size of the town isn't really a factor. If the town is a good football town and supports the team, that's what matters."

As Glaud takes his fall tours, he'll find most schools looking at him as a linebacker. While he does have offers from a couple of smaller schools as an offensive player, his combination of speed and reaction skills have the upper tier schools looking at him as a defender.

"Most of them are looking at me as an outside linebacker," he said. "I think that fits my skills well. I have good quickness, and I react really well. I did well in coverage last year, and I'll work on that a lot this year. Even though I didn't get to play linebacker a lot yet, I think I will be fine. My conditioning is good, and I think I will fit in well at that position."


Glaud wasn't sure about the origins of his unique first name, which is pronounced 'Ka-LEEL'.

"I think my dad and aunt came up with it," he noted. "I haven't run into anyone else with my name, so it is kind of unique."

West Virginia's coaches, who included Glaud's school on their spring recruiting swing, are certainly hoping that he will bring that unique moniker to their school.

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