Nobody would have ever predicted at the beginning of the season, that the Mountaineers would have won in Blacksburg. Nobody would have ever predicted at the beginning of the season, that the Mountaineers would have a shot at finishing 9-3.

Except me. (Editor's note: Bill didn't pick a win at Tech, but his 10-2 season pick is going to be a lot closer than most predictions, including the majority of the BGN staff!)

Certainly the season has gone a little different than even I predicted, but the Mountaineers are on the verge of a Gator Bowl berth, and with a little help, a share of the Big East title for the first time in nine years.

Not a lot of need for a sermon, so just a few observations, before the entire state is burned down in celebration:

* I will whip the first person who says Grant Wiley isn't the Big East Defensive Player of the Year. Or at least try. $50 says his brother and his crew have my back in that brawl.

* Rasheed Marshall can't throw the ball enough for WVU to win. At least, that is what we keep hearing.

* Derek Smith. The first receiver in WVU history to receive Social Security benefits in lieu of a scholarship, comes of age in Blacksburgh. Memo to Derek: You couldn't pick a better venue to sparkle.

* Dear Frank Beamer, do you think that Suggs and Jones would like to be Quincy Wilson about right now?

* What do 1982, 1992 and 2002 have in common? WVU wins in Blacksburg.

* Rich can't coach. All his coaches belong in the high school ranks. (Uhhhh, yeah. Next observation.)

* Our punting game returned to the bad side of the fence. The fact that we have to get Danny Embick to punt for us in a key situation speaks volumes about our punting game.

* The Mountaineer defense has finally returned to the mountain top. The West Virginia program, the one Don Nehlen built on a strong defense and a punishing running game, stormed the field with their throwback system, while Tech was in their throwback uniforms. Memo to Tech. Our throwback goes back to the good ole' days. Your throwback, goes back to when you stunk.

* If they would let me curse in this column you would get my true opinion on the Pitt game.

* Does anyone here remember the last time the Backyard Brawl was between two ranked football teams? I do.

* Here is to hoping we can get up 31-9 just like we did in the last WVU-Pitt game between ranked foes.

* Here is to hoping Rich does a better job of holding that lead than we did in 1989.

* Anyone who passes on the chance to travel to Pitt to see the season finale should be marched in front of the Mountaineer Rifle team, and be shot.

* If you aren't hoarse, with ripped clothes, and a shaved head, you aren't really ready for football season.

* I bet Tailgate Central was rocking when the team arrived back in Morgantown.

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