Summer's End

West Virginia quarterback commitment Tajh Boyd has had a busy summer full of camps and combines, and he recently wrapped up his final trip at the Elite 11 Quarterback Camp.

"It was a great experience," said the ever-enthusiastic Boyd, who bubbles like a freshly opened bottle of pop. "Being out there with a lot a other great quarterbacks, you just have the chance to learn a lot. I felt like I did pretty well, and I also made a lot of friends in the time we were there. It was a really good time."

While many observers look at this camp and other combines as recruiting opportunities, Boyd takes it as a learning experience. Displaying the natural leadership qualities that are obvious from the first few minutes of meeting him, Boyd didn't waste the chance that rubbing elbows with other top QBs gave him.

"I talked with the other quarterbacks there a lot, and there are always things you can learn from each other. I felt like we had some good chemistry, and I made sure to meet all the other guys and talk with them about the game.

"For example, we all got the chance to watch film together and break it down, and I learned a lot of things from that. I learned what other quarterbacks watched for on film, and we picked up a lot of information from each other."

True to his nature, Boyd also plans to stay in touch with the other signalcallers that he spent time with.

"I got everybody's number from out there, and I'm sure we'll keep in touch during the season," he said.

The Elite 11 Camp was Boyd's last big summer event. He'll take a couple of days off, then pitch back in to prepare for his senior season at Phoebus High School.

"We start two-a-days on Aug. 4, so that's pretty much it for the summer," he said. "It's time to get back to work."

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