A Whirlwind Of Events

The whirlwind of thoughts, emotions and euphoria following West Virginia's 21-18 win over Virginia Tech on Wednesday almost defy description.

So many things caught our eyes, our hearts, and our emotions last night during WVU's thrilling 21-18 win over Virginia Tech that we're almost afraid to write this column, because something will be left out. But if we don't get at least some of this down on our electronic paper, we're going to burst! So, in no particular order, here are many of the memorable things that drew our attention.

* The caravan of Mountaineer fans flying their flags and sporting magnets on the roads into Blacksburg. There may not have been boatloads of WVU fans on the bandwagon before last night, but the ones that support West Virginia through good times and bad were really evident. Horns were honking, arms were waving, and cries of 'Let's Go Mountaineers!' were traded bewteen cars.

* The crackling atmosphere in the stadium. Much of it, and the credit, goes to Virginia Tech and their fans, who cheered ar every opportunity and were a definite distraction to the Mountaineer offense. But WVU's fans provided a solid counterpoint to the Hokie hollers, and likewise rarely sat down or stopped cheering on their favorites.

* The entrance of the Mountaineer Maniacs into the stands. They came in cheering, left with no voices, and led the hearty WVU section throughout the game.

* The surge of adrenaline on WVU's goal line stand. Nothing, other than perhaps a big hit, gives a team a boost like stuffing their opponent short of the goalline. The Mountaineer bench exploded after the fourth down stop. The chills we got watching these young men and their coaches celebrate were just undescribable.

* The excitement of seeing a guy like Derrick Smith make a huge contribution to the WVU win. Smith's short stay on the Mountaineer team may turn out to be one of the biggest one year wonders since Billy Ray Cyrus.

* The absolute joy from the coaching staff as they streamed onto the field after Brian King's clutch pick. Coach Rod slapping fives with the fans. Tony Gibson is letting out a fist-pumping Tarzan yell that likely would have burst his chest had he attempted to keep it inside. Paul Randolph hugging every one of his defensive linemen. Anyone who thinks these coaches don't care about their young men is sadly mistaken.

* The absolute justice of Brian King making the biggest play of the season. Like all corners, King gets a good deal of undeserved heat for "giving up" pass completions. King handles all the comments and questions with grace and class. For him to come up with that game-ending pick -- well, it's just right.

* The post game stroll down an empty Lane Stadium Field after loading our post game stories and photos on this web site. Just one more time to soak it all in and remember the great game that we just witnessed, and give a word of thanks for the sacrifices that the players and coaches make to play this most difficult of games.

* Feeling sorry (for about two seconds) for all the people who missed the game without good reason.

* The post game stop at an Omelette Shop that turned out to be packed with WVU fans, support staff and other media members. Talking with an uncle of Coach Rod's. Rehashing the game. Pure magic. May it continue all week.

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