Hewitt, Seldon Take Leaves of Absence

Junior guards Jay Hewitt and Tobias Seldon have left the Mountaineer basketball team, but the door is open for their return, according to Mountaineer head coach John Beilein.

"I want to emphasize that the reasons for their leaving are not disciplinary," Beilein said after WVU's 59-46 win. "Both of them are great guys, and we hope they both come back."

Beilein declined to comment on the specifics for the departures, but stressed that things were still "very amicable" between the coaches and the players. It is believed that both left due to an anticipated lack of playing time.

"They are still in school, and we hope they come back. This just happened today, so we'll talk with them again. The thing is, we can't guarantee they will play. But on the other hand, they are only one sprained ankle from being out there."

Beilein also said that should the players decide to transfer, he and his staff would do everything possible to assist them.

Beilein's comments were slightly in contradiction to the WVU release on the matter, which noted that Seldon had left the team, while Hewitt was only taking a leave of absence.

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