Jenkins' WVU Choice Came Late

Josh Jenkins was one of the top offensive lineman recruits in the country this past spring and the top recruit coming out of West Virginia. After a long riding decision between teams such as Florida State, Michigan, Ohio State and West Virginia, Jenkins decided to stay home and attend WVU.

"You just have to make the best decision for yourself and what's after college. If football doesn't work out, I'm from West Virginia and I hope that I will be able to get a job in West Virginia and raise a family in West Virginia. I didn't pick West Virginia until the last couple of days. To be serious, I was going to Florida State for the best part of (the recruiting process). Why I picked West Virginia was, of course, I had Coach Doc Holiday when he was recruiting me at Florida and it kind of threw me a little bit when he came to my house wearing a West Virginia shirt. He is a good recruiter and he's straight forward," Jenkins said of his decision to stay instate.

Jenkins is happy with his decision to stay with the home team and is enjoying the first few weeks of camp with the Mountaineers. However, fall camp has been a learning experience for the 305-pound offensive lineman from Parkersburg.

"I am enjoying being at West Virginia. The coaches are great. I am behind Jake Figner right now and it's good to play behind him and watch what he does. He does a lot of things right. It's nice being around Ryan Stanchek, Mike Dent and the rest of the offensive line because they're so good. It's good learning from the best," Jenkins said.

Jenkins is one freshman who has the potential to see playing time this season.

"The offensive line, which is going to be the toughest place to play, I think Josh Jenkins might have a chance (to see playing time this season)," head coach Bill Stewart said on Tuesday. "We have a thing called a victory drill and it's three on three. We have lineman on lineman and he knocks them. His helmet comes off and he's after them."

Jenkins is eager to play his part in the offense at WVU and would love to see some time during his first year.

"There's a chance that I might play this year. There's a chance I won't redshirt but there's a chance that I will redshirt. I would love to play but if they don't think I'm ready then that's their opinion. That's why they are the coaches," Jenkins said.

Jenkins, a five star recruit, led Parkersburg High School to back-to-back AAA state championships. He was named a USA Today first-team All-American as well as Parade Magazine All-American, and played in the U.S. Army All-American game.

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