Family Matters

Dave Finney was on a mission -- one that put him on line seven hours before the opening of the doors at WVU's football fan day on Sunday.

Finney, who lives in Charleston, W. Va., made the early trek to the WVU football complex in order to fulfill a dream for his four year old grandson, Ethan.

"He was up here for the spring game, and he wanted to meet Pat, but they weren't allowing them to meet the players. And the kicker was that he had a little bag of cookies that he wanted to give to Pat. So I told his dad that if I had to get up here at six o'clock in the morning, I would do it."

Ethan is all smiles after meeting Patrick White
Finney didn't quite meet that mark, but he was the first one in line at the Caperton Indoor Center, where Fan Day was held. Arrival time: 6:58 AM.

"Everyone at work told me I was nuts," said Finney, a lifelong West Virginia fan. "But I know how important it was for Ethan. He's been a Mountaineer fan since birth. He said 'Let's Go Mountaineers' when he was one. And my son-in-law and daughter both went to West Virginia. I can assure you it's all blue and gold in that house."

Once inside Finney and his family made their way to White's station, and got the autograph and meeting they had been waiting for. For Finney, the experience with his family was a special one.

"It's a lot richer," he said as he reflected on sharing the Mountaineer fan experience with his family. "It has a lot more meaning. I can sit back and reflect on games. I'm old enough that I watched games at Old Mountaineer Field. To me there's nothing better than being a Mountaineer fan."

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