The Privilege - Part II

Our resident columnist has a Thanksgiving message for the Mountaineers.

To the Men in Old Gold and Blue:

Seems like an eternity since we last spoke, doesn't it? It was a dark day for all of us. Emotions ran high, tempers were short, and things were said that, quite frankly, didn't need to be said about our beloved Mountaineers.

But through all that din, fortunately, some voices rang clearer. They were the voices of your coaches, you teammates, the seniors, and that still quiet voice in your soul that tells you to believe in yourself and you can succeed

Frankly, though, I think we are all a little amazed of where we stand today. You have exceeded the expectations of even the most loyal and optimistic fan. You have silenced (at least for a while) those that seem to relish dwelling on the negative. You have once again made fire and fight back synonymous with WVU football.

You have, indeed, scaled the Mountain.

As you enter your final regular season game, our only regret is that it won't be in our home, at our field. However, be assured that we will be there in force. For a day, Pittsburgh is going to look like a suburb of Morgantown, and we will cheer you until our voices fade.

I hope you realize what you have achieved. Certainly football is just a game, and perhaps it takes on a greater importance than it should. But for us, here in our little state, the winter seems a little brighter than normal when the Mountaineers are winning. The bad times aren't quite so bad, and the good times even better. What you have accomplished has managed to bring a smile to all those who have called West Virginia and WVU home, and that is a lot of smiles, gentlemen.

As we gather together with family and friends this week to offer thanks for all that we have, know that at practically every table, spoken or unspoken, an extra bit of thanks will be reserved for the young men, staff, and coaches who have worked so hard and achieved so much this year.

Bless you boys, and thank you from all of us. Win or lose, you've all earned a special place in our hearts and in Mountaineer history.

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