The Darris Diaries

Former WVU point guard Darris Nichols is playing professionally in Hungary this season. How is he adjusting to life overseas? Darris tells us in his first diary entry.

Editor's Note: Former WVU point guard Darris Nichols is spending the 2008-09 season playing professionally in Hungary. Nichols, West Virginia's all-time leader in games played, has agreed to keep us posted periodically on his new life and career overseas.

The first day I arrived in Hungary I did not know what to expect. It was different, looked too "Euro" for me. One of the team managers picked me up from the airport, so I decided to try and have a conversation with him on the two-hour drive from Budapest to a small town called Paks (that's where I live). At first, I was wondering why he was not answering me or responding but it did not take long to realize he did not understand me. Instead of trying to talk, I gave up and decided to nap.

I really haven't been doing very much since I have been here. I have so much free time. We have two two-hour practices a day then the rest of the day is free. No school work (I'm loving it!) but it is a lot of free time so I decided to download a program on my computer to teach me Hungarian. It's not working to well. It is hard for them to understand someone with a Southwest Virginia accent!

I have to play a lot of charades when I talk with some of the people here. The older Americans that have been playing in Europe for over ten years told me I need to develop an accent. The V's have the W sound and the W's have the V sound, For example, I would say something like, "I vork wery hard." I don't know it's crazy.

The adjustment on the court is not too different. To get fouled you have to do a lot of acting. I think I have mastered that already because in the tournament this past weekend, I shot an average of five to eight free throws a game. We ended up coming in second even though we were without our other two Americans. I averaged 15 points for the tournament and between five and six assists a game.

Crazy story. I was sitting in my team restaurant the second day in Hungary. I could hear the music playing in the background over my headphones and I heard something that sounded like "Country Roads". So I take my headphones off and that's exactly what they had playing on the radio! It brought a little smile to my face.

I will keep you posted throughout the weeks. Good luck to the football team, keep working. Shout out to Bill Stewart. To the basketball team I know Midnight Madness is coming up. That night is fun but you know the next morning is going to be hell..hahaha. Ding it in!

God Bless.

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