Missed Chances, Misperceptions

When West Virginia fans booed WVU's short passes on lengthy third down situtations, they didn't realize that the play calls did, in fact, include options to throw the ball down the field.

Both head coach Bill Stewart and running backs coach Chris Beatty said afterward that WVU had chances to go downfield, but they didn't materialze for a variety of reasons. WVU missed connecting on a couple of deep attempts, and others didn't pan out when quarterback Jarrett Brown suffered misreads or didn't see open teammates.

"Jarrett did not have his best game today," head coach Bill Stewart noted. "He made some misreads and dumped the ball off short a few more times. But I'm not going to throw him under the bus."

Part of the reason for Brown's subpar play could have been an injured shoulder that had his playing status in doubt through much of the week. Brown admitted that the shoulder bothered him some during the game.

Running backs coach Chris Beatty confirmed that Brown missed a few throws he normally makes, and added that the uncertainty at quarterback made for something of an unsettled week.

Listen as Beatty comments on the offense and the use of Noel Devine in WVU's win.

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