Continental Tire Bowl Matchup Will Fan Rivalry

West Virginia and Virginia don't square off in too many sports, despite their neighboring state status. That makes the Continental Tire Bowl matchup all the more interesting.

The Mountaineers and Cavaliers do meet in some sports, like soccer and wrestling, but battles in basketball and football have disappeared in recent years.

The Mountaineers last played the Cavs in football and basketball in 1985, so it's been a while since the marquee programs have crossed paths. It's not going to take much, however, to fire up some intensity for this game.

There's a lot of history between the two states, of course, what with West Virginia choosing the morally correct path during the Civil War to become their own state. Ever since then, each state has tended to look askance at the other, and opportunities to trade barbs and jabs rarely get passed up.

Whether or not that carries over to the playing field micht be questionable, but there's no dobut it will make things much more interesting for the fans. And that could boost interest in this contest, which should catch at least passing interest from some media outlets due to the names of the two schools invovled, if nothing else.


We'll analyze and break this game down more in the coming days, but here are a couple of quick hitters to get you started.

Comparative scores might be less useful in this game than they usually are, and usually they aren't worth much in the first place. UVa smacked Maryland, which rolled over WVU. On the flip side, West Virginia beat Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, while the Hokies pounded the Cavs at the same venue.

* * *

This has been a year of reaching plateaus for the Mountaineers. Rich Rodriguez evened his career record at WVU with the win over Virginia Tech. West Virginia also evened their alltime record in season finales at 54-54-2 with their win over Pitt.

So what, you say? Well, WVU's alltime record against UVa in football is 10-11-1. Hmmmmmmmm.

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