Visit Report

Logan Heastie made another trip to West Virginia on Saturday. Did the visit firm up his commitment to the Mountaineers, which was in a bit of doubt of late?

"I am still going to West Virginia," Heastie said after watching West Virginia's comeback effort against Cincinnati fall short. " I was going to take a visit to North Carolina, but I'm not even sure I am going to take that visit any more."

As a national level player whose every move is scruitinzed, Heastie admitted that the process can be difficult.

"It can be really outrageous, and it can get out of control if you let it," he said. "I don't have a problem with the fans following it, because they are just following their team. And I don't pay attention to what is said on message boards and things like that. I don't worry about those things."

On his visit, Heastie followed pretty much the same schedule as he did on his previous visit.

"We basically toured around and then hung out with the players and coaches," Heastie said. "I talked with the coaches and with several of the recruits. Deon Long is pretty funny; he is good to talk to. And I talked with Eugene Smith a lot. I think he could commit to West Virginia pretty soon. He is enrolling in January just like me, so he will have to make a decision pretty soon."

As for his own enrollment, Heastie said everything remains on track.

"At my previous school, I had taken a lot of classes, so I only had to take a couple of this semester to graduate. I am ready to move on and go to college, and I don't have any regrets about missing anything at high school.

As for the game, Heastie said it was the craziest he had ever seen. West Virginia rallied from a 20-7 deficit to force overtime in the final 1:32, but had to settle for a field goal in the extra period, which was trumped by the Bearcats' touchdown. While the game ended up in a loss, Heastie and most of the recruits there stayed into the contest, and were involved to the end.

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