Coach Clarifies

West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins explained comments which appeared in a Fairmont newspaper on Friday.

Huggins, West Virginia's second-year head coach, was quoted in Friday's edition of The Times West Virginian about the plans for a WVU basketball practice facility.

Since an announcement last summer that such a facility would be constructed adjacent to the Coliseum, Huggins has worked hard to raise the necessary funds that it will take to make the facility a reality. However, ground has yet to be broken on the project, which comes with an estimated $25 million price tag.

""We don't move very damn fast," Huggins was quoted as saying in the story. "To get something done, it's always painstaking. But we're going to get it done. I promise you that. We're going to make it fun. And the most fun will come in watching us beat those people who have beaten us all these years."

During a previously scheduled Friday afternoon media session at the Coliseum, Huggins explained what he was trying to say to the combined meeting of Fairmont's Rotary, Kiwanis and Lions club members.

"You know how you get frustrated sometimes with bureaucracy sometimes because things don't move fast enough," he clarified. I think that it kind of came out that I was talking about somebody in particular and I wasn't. It was just the whole bureaucracy.

"It has been brought to my attention that it (seemed) like I was pointing fingers at somebody, and I wasn't doing that," he continued. "It's just that you want to get things done faster than probably sometimes they can be done and certainly faster than the things that you have to go through, the bureaucracy, that allows you to do that.

"It wasn't anything about anybody. It wasn't supposed to come out like that. I'm not saying I didn't say it, I just didn't articulate very well what I meant."

And, most importantly, Huggins says there is absolutely no doubt that the facility will be constructed as has been planned all along.

"The people have been wonderful," he said. "I can't say enough about how willing people have been to step up and help us. There is a lot more out there that we're counting on who I know are going to step up and help us. We just haven't finished culminating the deal."

"It's going to happen. I don't have any reservations whatsoever that it's going to happen."

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