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Head coach John Beilein offers some thoughts on Tennessee, his coaching staff, and the clearing of WVU by the NCAA.

Head coach John Beilein knows that Tennessee provides a big step up in caliber of competition from WVU's three previous games. He's especially impressed with senior Ron Slay and forward Brandon Crump.

"We think Slay is a first round NBA pick. He's got a jump shot, he's strong, and he's a senior -he stayed around.

"Crump provides us problems because he can shoot and score from 15-17 feet. He's a good foul shooter and has all the moves inside. We'll have to have tremendous help to guard them - we can't guard them one on one."

The big pair is only part of massive Tennessee front line that will challenge WVU in the lane and on the boards.

"It will be very difficult to combat their rebounding. They will probably try to win the game off the offensive boards. We have to hope the ball bounces our way and work on getting good positioning to even out the rebounding. They are just too big and strong for us to win that battle very often."


Beilein expressed a bit of relief after hearing of the NCAA ruling that cleared WVU of any sanctions for the minor violations that took place in the program in the past season.

"When I took the job on April 18, that was on my mind," Beilien said. "But from beginning, the administration was very honest with me. They said there was nothing new coming up, and no major violations. They had no guarantee, but I sensed they had things under control.

I was convinced the Athletic Department runs a tight ship and that there were only going to be a few secondary violations."

* * *

Beilein believes that despite the youth of his assitants, the experience of his coaching staff in working together has played a big role in the team's good starr.

"Matt (Brown), Jeff (Neubauer) and I have been together for more than 150 games, plus practices and day to day routines. We have a great confidence in each other. They all scout differently, and they have different things they like to do. They have different opinions, but when we make the decision there's no dissension.

"When something works, there's no 'I told you so' and when things don't work, there's no "I told you sos' either. It's been a strength for us. Maybe it's been luck, but I've been able to pick tremendous assistants.

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