Opening Looks

Bill Stewart offered brief synopses of each member of the West Virginia football signing class of 2009 at the opening of his press conference on Wednesday.

After classily thanking each of the contributors to the recruiting process, including local hotels and restaurants, members of WVU's academic staff and all of the support staff in the football program, Stewart provided a few quick thoughts on each member of the class.

"We had one quarterback in the class, Eugene Smith. We had him in camp, and I think he will bring some exciting times. He is everything we are looking for in terms of character. He is a fine young man.

"There are three running backs; three fine running backs. We have a big back in Shawne Alston. He can hit it up in there. We have two fast cats in Tavon Austin and Daquan Hargrett. They are shifty, fast and mobile. Austing can get it and go. He's lightning in a bottle. With Hargrett, he sticks a foot in the ground, and goes. They are all blessed. "

"We have a fullback/HBack/tight end in Chris Snook, I'm not sure he's not a running back. He could play linebacker if he wanted.

For wide receivers, we have Logan Heastie already enrolled, and he has gained eight pounds since he's been here. That's a good thing. And Deon Long, and Geno's receiver Stedman Bailey are in there too. (Stewart did not comment on Terrance Moore, the fourth receiver in the class.)

"We have five offensive linemen, and they will make us better. We'll be young, but they will be contributors. Cole Bowers and Pat Eger are local guys, from in-state and from western Pennsylvania. Then we have Ryan Spiker over from Ohio, and Nick Kindler, who is a big offensive tackle. And Jordan Weingart, who plays the way I like."

"There are three defensive linemen. Dominik Davenport, his motor never stops. And Curtis Feigt and Tevita Finau, who has stuck with us for a long time. He has been a man of his word. There's also Chris Palmer, who didn't have to sign this year because he signed last year and enrolled in January.

"At linebacker, we have Branko Busick, a tough guy who won a wrestling championship this year. And Taige Redman from Keyser. He could be a special teams help, because we take a lot of them from linebackers. What kept sticking out about Redman was how he acted at camp, how he represented himself, Keyser and his people. He kept coming back. We didn't tack a chance. Redman is a classic example, if you do your homework you can find guys. Ben Collins, Bobby Hathaway, Marc Magro, Jay Henry. Guys like that.

Darwin Cook, and thank goodness for Bob Huggins and Will Thomas, who is from Cook's high school. I'm deeply indebted to Bob Huggins for that. And Garvin, I don't know if I've met a better young man. He's a special player. Jonathan Scott, he is a big safety that we were really happy to get.

"We finished with two cornerbacks, Brodrick Jenkins and Pat Miller. We wanted to get some help in the back end of the defense, and we think we got that.

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