Standard Response

West Virginia head football coach Bill Stewart followed his usual policy in dealing with the DUI arrest of running back/receiver Jock Sanders.

In a terse two-sentence statement, Stewart said that Sanders has been suspended indefinitely, pending the legal process, and that no further comments will be made at this time.

That's par for the course for Stewart, who has suspended other transgressors pending resolutions of charges or the gathering of more information. He has dismissed some players, including James Ingram, while allowing others, such as John Holmes, to complete their careers at West Virginia. Those decisions were based on the seriousness of the events and on a case-by-case evaluation of each event.

The suspicion holds that Sanders may have work to do to regain a spot on the team, as this is the second incident he has been involved in. He was arrested one year ago on a batter charge, which was resolved with a no contest plea, a fine and community service.

In the most recent incident, Sanders was seen speeding and crossing the center line, and failed three of four field sobriety tests after stopping in a parking lot.

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