Continuing Process

For many high school seniors, the drama of football recruiting ended on Signing Day, which was last Wednesday. However, for a few, the process continues.

One of those players is Allderdice High School's Will Clarke, who continues to wrestle with his choice of universities. He is down to three, but the final choice is proving to be a difficult one.

"I am between Pittsburgh, Akron and West Virginia," Clarke told "Right now I am just trying to evaluate each school. I want to figure out which one will help me get my degree, and which one will prepare me to be a mature and transform me into a man. It's not just about football. I want to make sure the school that I choose is the right one to help prepare me for life."

While many observers are anxious for Clarke to make a decision, he is showing maturity in not rushing the process. He wants to ensure that his choice is the correct one, and that he finds a good fit not only on the football field, but also in the classroom.

"I want to major in civil engineering. That's something I have always been interested in when I was growing up. I've looked at all of the programs, and they are all really close. There's nothing that puts one out in front of the other right now. I learned more about West Virginia's program when I visited them again (the weekend before Signing Day) and I liked what I saw. I think I can succeed there."

Clarke does not plan any more trips, and is now in the process of weighing all three schools in order to come to a final decision. With the assistance of his parents, he is in the midst of that process, which he admits is a difficult one.

"My parents are helping me focus on the right things – the academics as well as the football. They are helping me with what I am looking for, and which school and staff really have my best interests at heart. I haven't set a timetable for a decision, because I don't want to rush it. I need to make sure that I make the right choice. I don't want to choose one that doesn't fit me the best, and have to transfer or start over somewhere else."

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