UVA Band Makes Repeat Performance

Seventeen years after the UVA Pep Band performed a Hatfields & Fenwicks takeoff of "Family Feud" that brought an outpouring of protests from Mountaineer fans, the "unsanctioned" group again performed a hillbilly skit at halftime of the Continental Tire Bowl in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The tasteless and crasse display brought a thunderous chorus of boos from the otherwise quiet West Virginia contingent during halftime. The show of displeasure was followed by a chant of "Off The Field" from the 40,000 plus WVU fans in attendance.

The Pep band skit was based on the popular reality television show "The Bachelor". In the skit, the band ripped the state of West Virginia again based on stereotypes that more educated folk in the nation have long since given up.

This despicable display performed by the band, that is not officially sanctioned by the Virginia administration, again shows on a national stage that it is OK to paste redneck hillbilly stereotypes against the people of West Virginia without repercussion.

On a related note, the fact that the band is not the "official" band of the University of Virginia removes none of the shame due to the school. The band is allowed on the field, and gets there with the blessing of the UVA administration. If they were serious about putting a stop to the embarrassing displays that tarnish Thomas Jefferson's University, they could easily do so. The fact that they do not seems to show a tacit condonement of the band's activities.

In my opinion, West Virginia should immediately cease scheduling Virginia in any athletic event, be it soccer, swimming, or whatever. West Virginia University has too much class to associate with an institution that permits such activities to occur, not once, but twice.

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